Who are we?

Koofr is a software company, trying to bring better tools to users everywhere. Our dedicated team of developers, designers and others strives to bring you the secure, simple and efficient tools for accessing, storing, organising and managing your files.

What does Koofr mean?

It's actually a made up word, but it originates from the German word Koffer (suitcase), French coffre (chest) and English coffer (small money box). We chose it to symbolise a safe place for your files, that you can take with you anywhere you want.

Why we do it?

We know what a mess of files looks like, and we want to solve it. We believe in privacy. Everyone has a right to keep their private stuff really private, while not sacrificing accessibility.

Who uses Koofr?

Pretty soon, everyone. We hope. You can find our products under various names in the offerings of various ISPs and Enterprises as well as being used by individuals like you and me.

Where are we from?

Our headquarters are located in a small and beautiful European country named Slovenia. Your data is stored in secured data centers across the European Union.