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Backup your WordPress website to Koofr with UpdraftPlus Plugin via WebDAV

Regular backups are essential to ensure your WordPress website stays safe and intact. Find out how you can use the WebDAV protocol to create a backup of your website and send it to your Koofr account using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

As an owner of a WordPress site, you know that backups are key to keeping your content and website intact. You have probably already asked yourself what is the best way to backup your website, especially if you are new to WordPress. We will explain how you can simply create automatic backups of your website to Koofr, with the help of WebDAV protocol and an add-on of the UpdraftPlus Plugin for WordPress.

What is Updraft? UpdraftPlus is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use backup and restore plugin for WordPress. It comes both in a free and premium version, but you'll need to buy a WebDAV add-on if you want to use it with WebDAV protocol. With UpdraftPlus you can create manual or automatic backups of your website and restore backups easily.

UpdraftPlus is a backup and restoration plugin for WordPress.

(1) What do you need before we start backing up your WordPress site to Koofr?

UpdraftPlus plugin is available free or as a premium version for advanced users.

(2) How to set up backups to Koofr with UpdraftPlus plugin?

Screenshot of the UpdraftPlus plugin in a WordPress dashboard.

Set a schedule for your backups in the UpdraftPlus plugin settings.

Choose WebDAV as a remote storage location to connect UpdraftPlus with Koofr.

Connect UpdraftPlus to your Koofr by entering your Koofr account info in the WebDAV settings form.

If UpdraftPlus is connected to your Koofr via WebDAV correctly, the test should be successful.

Tick off which files you'd like to be included in your UpdraftPlus backup.

Note: Please note that backing up is IO intensive. Check with your hosting provider regarding your IO and bandwidth limitations.

Click on Backup Now to begin the backup process.

Send your WordPress backup to Koofr with UpdraftPlus.

Restore or delete your UpdraftPlus backup of your WordPress site in the Backup/Restore tab of the plugin.

Note: If you are having issues uploading files larger than 1 MB try adding the following to your ‘wp-config.php’ file, just under the database settings:


We talk about restoring with UpdraftPlus plugin in this blog post.

Happy backing up.

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