Productivity tips related to Koofr features. How to use Koofr so that it increases your productivity. All related to quickly and productively doing stuff. All connected to being organised.

  1. Mar 18 / Productivity
    Collaboration for distributed teams with Koofr
  2. Oct 07 / Productivity
    Quickly save anything from the web to Koofr in Vivaldi browser
  3. Oct 01 / Productivity
    6 Jobs That Could Be Completely Paperless in 2021
  4. Feb 04 / Productivity
    Quickly save anything to Koofr in Opera browser
  5. Dec 01 / Productivity
    Synchronize your bookmarks to Koofr with Floccus
  6. Jun 30 / Productivity
    Create your research library in Koofr with Papership and Zotero
  7. Jun 23 / Productivity
    Celebrate #WorldProductivityDay with Koofr
  8. May 12 / Productivity
    Quickly save anything to Koofr in Microsoft Edge browser
  9. Apr 07 / Productivity
    Spring cleaning of your files in Koofr
  10. Jan 14 / Productivity
    How to organize your files across many devices with the help of Koofr?