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It's Koofr's 10th birthday!

It's a festive week in the Koofr office: as we celebrate Koofr's 10th birthday, we take a look at how far we've come and what's next for Koofr cloud storage.

Ten years! Ten whole years ago, in February 2013, we launched Koofr after about a year of initial research and development. After redefining our product in 2014, Koofr has steadily been growing both in terms of supported features as well as user count. Whether you've been with us all these years or just joined us recently, thank you for trusting Koofr with your files.


The landscape of cloud storage has changed since 2013. We've seen competitors rise and fall around us, but we've persevered. Many cloud storage providers outside of the big ones (Google, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) have suddenly shut down or been forced to implement sudden changes that would disrupt and disgruntle users.

It's rather the norm for tech companies to secure funding from external investors whose motives are often quite separate to what would be in the best interest of the company's customers, staff, and the product itself. This drives venture capital-laden companies to implement measures to quickly acquire as many users as possible, even at an unsustainable price point. Sooner or later, things come to a halt.

There are two main ways out of this: either shutting down the service and closing the company, or selling the company and its products to another company. The products are then often incorporated into the acquiring company's products and eventually cease to exist, per se. We've seen examples of both in the cloud storage space.

An early screenshot of the Koofr web application, cca. 2014. An early screenshot of the Koofr web application, cca. 2014.

At Koofr, we decided not to take this route. Since the very beginnning, we have set our prices to reflect the real costs associated with providing our services. This means that we have been profitable from the start, and it has allowed us to anchor our product roadmap to the only entity that should really have a say in what happens to them: you, the paying users.

We started out with an enthusiastic team of five, most of whom are still with Koofr today. The team has grown as organically as our products, and we are now eleven strong, with almost half of the team represented by women.

Not being tied to the interests of venture capitalists has allowed us to stay independent in our decision-making. Our self-reliance means that we can honestly commit to the principles valued by our users, like privacy, without having to make compromises nobody likes.


Three years ago, we marked the occasion of Koofr's anniversary with an article delving into our past, present, and future. Since then, not much has changed in terms of who we are and what we stand for.

We have continued to develop new privacy-oriented features for Koofr, most recenly having added Koofr Vault, our solution for client-side encryption. The feature has been met with an enthusiastic response from our users, which lets us know that we're on the right track and motivates us for further development.

We have continued to stay away from online tracking and splurging on advertising, relying on measures that allow for steady and organic growth instead.

We have continued to offer exceptional customer service and user experience to the hundreds of thousands of Koofr users. Along with the Koofr help center and email support, we're proud of the active and supportive community at r/koofr.

The future is bright for Koofr and we will continue to keep your privacy at the very top of our list of values. We feel our track record as a reliable and trustworthy cloud storage provider speaks for itself, and you can expect more of the same from us.

Here's to the next ten years!

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