Celebrate our 10th birthday with us!
Join the celebration and don't miss our exclusive birthday flash sale! Get 50% off on cloud storage for our best-selling XXL (1 TB) and XXXL (2.5 TB) plans. Use KoofrBD on checkout. First-time purchases only.
50% OFF
€120 / year
2.5TB (XXXL)
€240 / year
*on our best-selling cloud storage plans XXL/XXXL
until start of sale


How do I unlock the Koofr 10th anniversary discount?

In the Koofr web app, click on your profile picture to open the Account menu, then select Upgrade account. Under My subscription, click on the Show more plans button to reveal all available plans, then select either the XXL (1 TB) or XXXL (2.5 TB) plan. In the subscription pop-up, complete the required form fields and click Next to display the Summary. Enter the code KoofrBD into the Discount code field, then click Apply.

Who is eligible for the 10th anniversary discount?

The flash sale is available for all first-time purchasers: user accounts on free plans that have not upgraded to a paid tier before. Gift cards at a discounted price are available from our partner Proxystore and can be redeemed on all accounts up to the XXXL plan.

I've been using Koofr's free Starter option and haven't upgraded to a paid plan before. Can I get the discount?

Yes, if haven't purchased a paid Koofr plan in the past, you are eligible to use the KoofrBD discount code.

I've been using Koofr as a paid user and I would like to upgrade to the XXL/XXXL plan. Am I eligible for the discount?

The KoofrBD discount code is only available to user accounts on free plans that have not upgraded to a paid tier before. Users with paid Koofr accounts can upgrade to the XXL/XXXL plan by purchasing and redeeming Koofr gift cards at a discounted price from our partner Proxystore.

I don't have a Koofr account yet. Can I create a new account and use the discount code?

Yes, new accounts are eligible for the discount.

Will my subscription be renewed at the same discounted price?

Koofr does not automatically renew your subscription. You will be able to renew your subscription at the price listed at the time of renewal or use a gift card.

Can I use the discount code to purchase Koofr gift cards?

No, the discount code is only available for account upgrades. To purchase Koofr gift cards at the discounted price, please visit our partner, Proxystore.