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At Koofr, loyalty comes with a discount

For a while now Koofr offers a Loyalty Discount to reward its long-term customers. This allows our repeat customers to save up to 50 % on the cost of their plans. Find out more and start saving with Koofr, a budget friendly solution, today.

In today's digital world, it is important to choose a trustworthy cloud storage provider with strong security features. But what about the price? Do you need to spend a fortune on cloud storage if you want a reliable, secure, and privacy-oriented provider? Not necessarily. While price does play a significant role in choosing a provider, it doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money to get quality cloud storage services. There are affordable solutions on the market that offer a high level of security and reliability. Look no further, Koofr is the solution for you.

Koofr - smart savings, great service

Koofr offers everything you'd expect from a data storage solution provider - backup, sync and share, MS Office document collaboration and the ability to connect your Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive accounts, while offering prime security and privacy with Koofr Vault, a zero knowledge add-on. Read about other features that make Koofr really great for you.

It's no wonder that once you try Koofr, you use it for years.

How does Koofr Loyalty Discount work?

With a Loyalty Discount, Koofr rewards its loyal customers for their trust and support. The Loyalty Discount is designed to reward long-term users with substantial savings on their cloud storage plans. The discount increases with each consecutive year of paid service, providing greater value to dedicated customers. The longer you stay with Koofr, the more you save.

Discounts vary from 5 % to 50 %, depending on the active paid years. The discount percentage increases each year you renew your paid plan. Users that have paid for any of our yearly subscriptions are automatically joined into the Loyalty program. You will receive your first Loyalty Discount once your first paid subscription is upgraded or extended for the second year. And then a larger cumulative discount each consecutive year all the way up to 50%.

You can check your Account page inside the Koofr web application to see your current discount rate. Read more in our Loyalty Discount FAQ.

Koofr Loyalty Discount comparison of discounted prices

Koofr's Loyalty Discount offers significant savings to both individual and business users after five years of paid service. For example, an individual paying for a 100 GB plan would see their annual cost reduced from 24 EUR to just 12 EUR (or 1 EUR /month), and a business purchasing 20 TB would pay merely 720 EUR (or 60 EUR /month) instead of 1440 EUR. Additionally, every plan comes with 10 GB of free storage. Take a closer look at our plans and pricing.

Cloud storage for business: 5 reasons why your business needs Koofr

Koofr stands out as a highly competitive and cost-effective cloud storage provider. We are among the few services offering a wide range of plan sizes, from 10 GB to 20 TB, making it easy to start with a small subscription (which costs less than 5 EUR /year), test the platform, and upgrade as needed and as your space runs out. Plus, all plans include 10 GB of free storage, ensuring even greater value.

Take advantage of Koofr - a secure, reliable, privacy-oriented and affordable cloud storage solution. Whether you are a new user or an existing customer, now is the perfect time to sign up or upgrade your plan to benefit from the Loyalty Discount program. Enjoy smart savings and experience the convenience and security Koofr offers. Sign up today and start with 10 GB of free storage!

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