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Horrible passwords of 2017– a list of examples

Great minds think alike, right? We beg to differ in this case. Even though these horrible passwords are very common amongst internet users, they are anything but great …

We get it – memorizing hundreds of passwords is a drag, if not entirely impossible. Many of us are guilty of breaking the golden rules of internet security and choosing one of two passwords we use for all services. Again, you REALLY shouldn't be doing this! But the list below – the most popular horrible passwords in the year 2017 - shows us that there are some worse cases. Read and enjoy!

1. Numbers. koofr_horrible_passwords_of_2017 (2).png

It's safe, isn't it? Well, the important thing is to mix up the upper and lower case letters with numbers, not just using the most common selection of numbers. No, even if they are backward – this is still a bad password.

2. Mix it up! A combination of letters and number, right? Well, with a tiny bit more effort, perhaps.

3. Words and phrases, but using something personal. koofr_horrible_passwords_of_2017 (1).png

So many Star Wars and GOT fans out there! And people who like sports and animals, too. And it's always nice to be reminded that love is still alive in this world. ;) But seriously, master Yoda would not approve.

4. Keeping it simple! Jokes aside, we can truly relate. Sometimes you simply want to register and can't think of a good password. So you keep it simple. But it just might be too simple …

If you found your favourite password on the list, we suggest you take a look at our advice for better passwords and change it now.

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