Quicker sign in with Google and/or Twitter

Koofr now enables you to create account and sign in with one of two external options (Google and Twitter) aside from the typical email/password combination. This way, you can start using your account immediately.

We're excited to introduce two new ways to create an account and login to your favourite place for files. Now it's even easier to access Koofr by using Google or Twitter to sign in.

In case you have verified your email with one of these two providers already, there's no need to do it again, meaning one less step on the way to your Koofr account. Otherwise, you will receive the usual Koofr email to verify your address.


After you login into Koofr, you can still set up a password under Settings, which will enable you to login with an email/password combination as well (perhaps on some computers you will not want to sign into your Google account). Or, you can use this as a way of a disposable use-once password login for unsafe Wi-Fi networks (simply change the password after such login in your Settings).

If you are an existing user and have used the same verified email connected with Google or Twitter to create a Koofr account in the past, you can simply click the Sign up or Sign in button and your account will be connected with both login methods. This only works if your email is verified with one of the providers, otherwise the login will be rejected due to an already existing account (this being a security feature preventing malicious users from hijacking your account).

Go, create an account now:



Of course, there's still an option to create an account the old fashioned way, with an email and password combination.

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