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Worst passwords of 2020

It's no secret that passwords are the first line of defence for your privacy and security online. Take a look at the worst passwords of 2020 to know what to avoid.

Even if you are not a computer geek, being sloppy with your passwords is not the way to go. Keep in mind that with a strong password you are protecting your privacy so don't be lazy when creating them.

You are the one who can make a real change in the area of privacy of your accounts and your data, and also the one responsible in case you choose to do nothing. Keep that in mind while reading about the worst passwords of 2020.

Check out the complete list of this year’s worst passwords, see how their positions have changed since last year. Make sure your passwords are not on the list and think about changing them as soon as possible in case they are. Read about how to make your passwords stronger.

worst_passwords_2020.JPG Source: NordPass

Note: The list of passwords was compiled by NordPass in partnership with a third-party company specializing in data breach research. They evaluated a database that contained 275,699,516 passwords in total.

Despite the efforts to educate online users about the importance of cybersecurity, there are no significant changes in the top 10 spots compared to last year. If you are not convinced as to why strong passwords are so important, be sure to note how easy and fast the top 10 passwords on the list can be cracked in the picture above.

What the researchers found implies that the majority of online users still use simple and easy-to-remember passwords due to their convenience. These are, of course, also the easiest passwords to crack. Interested in the categories of the most popular passwords? See the picture below.

The most popular worst passwords come in several interesting categories, including Swear Words. Source: NordPass

While pokemon is still gaining popularity (see Entertainment category in the picture below) onedirection which last year held the 184th spot, this year, fortunately, didn’t make the cut at all.

Popular Entertainment-themed passwords include pokemon, naruto, superman, and starwars. Source: NordPass

Exploring the Miscellaneous category you can also see that users are no more imaginative when it comes to new passwords that appeared on the list than in the previous years.

New Miscellaneous passwords on the list are not very creative. Source: NordPass

The research revealed there were only 78 new passwords on the list of 200 most popular worst passwords of 2020, showing that we are just as lazy about cybersecurity as ever, despite the growing concerns regarding privacy and security.

How to create strong passwords for the next year and always?

Watch our short video about selecting a strong password.

When selecting a password, make sure it is long enough, not made of obvious, dictionary words, random and not re-used in multiple locations. Do not pick a password that includes personal information, and memorable keyboard paths. Adding a capital letter, symbol, or numbers in unexpected places also helps you make your password stronger.

Using these suggestions, you’ll generate passwords that are usually not easily remembered. Make sure you use a password manager and never, ever write your passwords down on paper and leave them unattended. Take responsibility for your online accounts starting now and begin the new year safely and securely, but most of all privately.

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