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  1. Koofr with Zotero via WebDAV

    Are you using Zotero with Box and don’t know what to do when Box support for WebDAV eventually runs out? Are you searching for Zotero with Box alternative? Don’t fret, Koofr is here for you. Read about how you can use Koofr with Zotero via WebDAV, how to set up syncing between Zotero and Koofr and more in this blog post.

  2. Do you know what these five cloud storage terms mean?

    It's time for some terminology lessons! Learn something new or check your existing knowledge by reading our list of most common terms, used in cloud storage, explained.

  3. 5 ways Koofr keeps your files safe

    How does Koofr keep your files safe and how you can make sure you're using all the features in this aspect?