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Migrating from LastPass to KeePassXC

Step by step tutorial, how to migrate your passwords from LastPass to KeePassXC and use Koofr to sync them across devices.

In February 2021 LastPass announced they are changing behavior of their free accounts. Starting March 16th, 2021, LastPass Free users will have to choose if they want to use mobile app or computer to access their account, but they will not be able to use both. You can read more in their announcement

So, if you want to keep you passwords available on all platforms, you can either upgrade to their paid plans or look for alternatives. In this blogpost, we present how you can combine Koofr and KeepassXC to achieve almost equal functionality for free. All your passwords will be stored in encrypted password vault, managed by KeePassXC, so no one except for you will be able to see your passwords.

Migration from LastPass

You will need to create free account on Koofr, if you do not already have one and download KeePassXC,

  1. Fist, you need to export all your passwords from LastPass to CSV file. It can be done by logging into your LastPass account, selecting "Advanced Options" in left side menu and then "Export" under "Manage Your Vault" section. You will be prompted to enter your master password again and after a few seconds, you will be presented with CSV file that you need to save to safe place on your computer.

Screenshot_2021-03-12 My LastPass Vault.png

  1. Now open KeePassXC and you will be presented with welcome screen like this below. Choose "Import from CSV" to create new password vault from CSV export you created in step (1).


  1. In next few screens, you have to enter some basic information about your password vault, choose secure master password and in final step, choose location where to store password vault file. We recommend you create dedicated folder, where you will store password vaults, so it will be easier to synchronize them across multiple computers.




  1. In final step, you have to import CSV into password vault you just created. In order to do so, you have to choose correct column layout, so columns from CSV are mapped to correct fields in password vault. You can use screenshot below for orientation.


  1. That's it. You have imported all your password from LastPass into KeePass password vault.

Browser extension

One of most convenient things that LastPass provides is the browser extension, which autofills login forms for you. You can achieve same with KeePassXC browser extension. In order to do so, follow the instructions. Browser extension is available for most of the common browsers.

Synchronize passwords across multiple computers

If you need to access same password vault from multiple computers, best way to achieve that is to setup custom synchronization with Koofr desktop application. We have already described how to do it in this blogpost. That is why we recommended to create dedicated folder to store Keepass password vaults on your computer, so now you can use this folder (let's say you named it KeePass on your computer) to setup sync to same folder in Koofr and repeat the steps on another computer.

Mobile access

You can also access your passwords stored in KeePass database on Koofr via your mobile device. We have described the process in blogpost Save your Keepass2Android password database to Koofr with WebDAV. The only difference from original blog post is, that you do not need to create new database, but you can open existing (the one you synchronized to Koofr in previous section).

For Apple users, we do not have dedicated tutorial, but Strongbox looks like it shoulde be able to do the job.

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