I have a paid plan that I would like to upgrade using a gift card.

If you already have a paid plan of a lower tier (for example, you are on plan M and would like to purchase a gift card for L), you can upgrade to a higher-tier plan by purchasing and redeeming a corresponding gift card. The remaining unused value of the previous plan will be proportionally converted into additional duration of the new plan.

Example: A user activated paid plan M (worth €12) on June 1 (1.6.) and redeems a gift card for plan L on December 1 (1. 12.), which means that a full 6 months, or 50%, of the original plan remains unused. This means that a remainder of €6 is transferred to the new plan, which is extended in proportion to the transferred value. In this case, €6 represents 25% of the full price of plan L (worth €24), so 3 months are added to the duration of the new plan.