Can I automatically upload photos and videos from my Android device to Koofr?

Koofr has an option to automatically upload new photos from your device. This allows you to quickly upload pictures directly from your phone to the Koofr app with no manual intervention.

If you want your Android device to automatically upload new photos from your device to Koofr, you need to enable this in the Android app under Settings, Media upload. You need to enable Upload new media files, which enables automatic uploads of photos and videos. There you can also choose the option of Only over WiFi, to back up photos/videos only when you are connected to a wireless network. If you want your photos to be stored in a specific folder, press on the Autouploaded folder button and select the folder in Koofr. If you don’t choose a specific folder, your photos will be stored in My Android Media folder.

You can also choose to have photos automatically organized by year (each year will have its own folder inside the auto upload folder) and/or by applications. Press on the Upload to subfolders button where you can choose to organize by any of the two options, or even both (in which case you will find application subfolders inside each yearly subfolder). Optionally you can also enable the Back up existing media files, which will back up all existing photos and videos from your device to Koofr.