Can I automatically upload photos and videos from my IOS device to Koofr?

Koofr has an option to automatically upload new photos and videos from your Camera Roll. This allows you to quickly upload pictures/videos directly from your phone to the Koofr app.

If you want your iOS device to automatically upload your camera-roll to Koofr, you need to enable this in the Koofr mobile app on your iOS device app under Settings, Auto camera upload, Backup photos and videos. If you want your photos or videos to be stored in a specific folder, press on the Change media folder button and select the folder in Koofr. If you don’t choose a specific folder, your photos or videos will be stored in My IOS Media folder.

You can also choose to have your photos or videos organized by year automatically. Enable Split media by year and your photos and videos will be automatically stored in a separate subfolders based on the year of their creation. You can also choose the option to Enable cellular data, to also backup photos/videos over a cellular network.