How do I upload a file/folder to Koofr from my Android device?

You have two options for uploading your files to Koofr from your Android device.

Option 1: Upload a file/folder within the Koofr application:

• Tap on the Files in the menu at the bottom of the screen or select the Koofr icon from the Main menu

• Press the [+] button in the bottom right corner of your screen

• Select Upload File, Upload Photo or Upload folder from the pop-up window

• Locate the file/folder on your device

• Koofr opens the system file picker, allowing you to choose the file/folder to uploa

• When you find your file, simply press on it and it will start uploading to your Koofr

• You can also select multiple files in order to upload them all

• When files are selected, press Done

• This action will upload your files/folder to Koofr

Option 2: Upload a file using any type of application that allows sharing of its data for Android devices (ex. file manager, gallery application, etc.) In the sharing menu of these applications, you will always have Koofr as a choice.

• Browse a file on your Android device using your favourite file browsing application

• Press on the chosen file/folder for at least two seconds to select it

• When you release the file, a menu will pop-up

• Select Share or Send to option

• Select the Koofr icon after the menu pops-up

• When you are transferred to Koofr navigate to the folder to which you wish to upload the file

• Press Share in the bottom right corner of the screen

• Your file is now safely stored in Koofr

• If you want to cancel your action before completion press Cancel in the bottom right corner of the screen