How do I upload a file to Koofr from my iOS device?

You have two options for uploading your files to Koofr from your iOS device.

Option 1: Upload a file within the Koofr application:

• Select the Koofr icon from the Main menu

• Press the [+] button in the bottom right corner of your screen

• Select Upload File or Upload Photo from the pop-up window

• Locate the file on your device by pressing Browse or locate a photo from your Gallery

• When you find your file/photo, simply press on it and press Done and it will start uploading to your Koofr

• If you want to select multiple photos, simply select them from your Gallery by pressing on them and press Done when you want to upload them

Option 2: Upload a file using any type of file manager for iOS devices:

• Browse a file on your iOS device using your favourite file browsing application.

• Open the file and press the Share button

• The iOS sharing menu appears

• Find Koofr and press on it

• When you are transferred to Koofr Choose a Folder to which you wish to upload a file. Browse to the wanted folder and press the Choose button at the bottom of the screen.

• When you are satisfied with your folder selection press Save in the upper-right corner of the screen

• If you want to choose a different location press Choose a Different Folder and repeat the previously described process

Note: Option 2 does not work for photos from the Photos app.