How to set up the WebDAV protocol on Linux?

Note: the steps are written for the GNOME desktop environment

  • Open your Account Settings in Koofr WebApp and select Preferences
  • Click on Password in the menu on the left
  • Scroll to the Generate new password textbox, type in the password name and click Generate
  • Be sure to remember the password, as you cannot view it later

Nautilus file manager has a built-in WebDAV connection with which you can access your files from the Koofr app following these steps:

  • Open Nautilus file manager
  • Choose Other Locations from the menu on the left
  • Type in davs:// into Connect to Server field
  • Enter your Koofr username and WebDAV password that you generated previously
  • Click Connect

Now you have established a WebDAV protocol for the Koofr app. In the folder structure on your computer, you will now see a new Network Drive. If you click on it, you can see the same folder structure as in the Koofr web application.

Note: If you forget the WebDAV password that you generated through Koofr WebApp, you can always generate a new one, but you'll need to replace it everywhere that you've used it.