How do I exclude files from sync?

First, you need to create a .syncignore file in the root of the folder that is being synced in the Koofr desktop app. You can do that by creating a new text file, deleting its extension and renaming it to .syncignore. Inside the .syncignore file, write one exclusion/inclusion rule per line using the glob format (e.g., exclude a file type from syncing, exclude a specific file type in a certain folder from sync, sync only a specific file type etc.).

Read more about excluding specific files from synchronization.

Note: The .syncignore file that is not at the root level of the folder that is being synced, will be ignored. If you have multiple synchronisations set-up, you will need a separate .syncignore file in each of the sync's root folders.

Note: You need to exit and start the desktop app after every modification of syncignore.

Note: It is smart to first create the .syncignore file inside the folder you wish to sync and then create the synchronisation to Koofr. If you create a .syncignore file later and add it to an already existing sync, the files that were already synchronised will not be affected by syncignore.