How do I install the desktop client for Windows?

Sign-in to Koofr web application and click Link This Computer in the Main menu on the left-hand side and click the Download button.

When the download completes, run the Koofr setup application by clicking on the downloaded .exe file and follow the setup instructions to complete the installation.

If you get the Windows User Account Control warning, click on Yes when prompted, to let Koofr install necessary components on your computer. If you get a safety warning from your anti-virus program, confirm the Koofr installer as safe.

When Koofr Setup window appears, click the Next button to go ahead with the installation. In Choose Components window you can choose Koofr components you want to install or uncheck the unwanted components and click Next. In Choose Start Menu Folder window, choose a Start Menu folder for the Koofr shortcuts or check the Do not create shortcuts check box.

Click Install to complete the installation. Download the Koofr desktop client without the sign-in step.

Note: Koofr desktop app should work on Windows from Windows 7 on.