What is a Unicode encoding conflict?

A Unicode encoding conflict happens when two files/folders with the same name are saved in the same location in your Koofr account. This conflict occurs with file/folder names containing characters that are encoded with Unicode. If the two file/folder names look the same but are encoded differently, Koofr will interpret them to have the same file name.

To resolve this, Koofr will rename one of the files/folders, adding the words (Unicode Encoding Conflict) to its name.

If one of your files/folders is renamed with the words (Unicode Encoding Conflict), you can resolve the conflict with either of the following options:

  • Leave both of the files/folders alone, and let one of them keep using the name with added (Unicode Encoding Conflict)
  • Rename one of the files or folders

If you’d like to avoid Unicode encoding conflicts in the future, don’t create a file/folder with the same name as another file/folder in the same location in your Koofr account.