Transfer photos and videos from Facebook to Koofr

You can use Facebook’s official transfer tool to effortlessly export a copy of all your Facebook photos and videos to Koofr. Your data will be safely stored in your Koofr account as individual files and you will have full control over it. No permanent connection between your Facebook and Koofr account is made with this process, your privacy is respected.

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How it works?

1Open your Facebook account on the web and click on Settings. Click Your Facebook information and select Transfer a copy of your photos.
2Choose Koofr as your transfer destination and export a copy of your Facebook photos or videos to Koofr.
3You will need to sign into your Koofr account or create a new free one to continue.
4Grant Facebook a temporary write-only access to your Koofr account. Read more about what that means in the FAQ section below.
5Once the process starts, a folder named Data Transfer will appear in your Koofr account. All your exported photos and videos will appear there.
6Sit back and relax. You will receive a Facebook notification when your transfer is finished.

Frequently asked questions

Which policies will apply to my transferred data?

Koofr's TOS and privacy policy will apply to your data. Always.

Will Facebook be able to access my data saved in Koofr?

No, Facebook will not be able to access your Koofr data. Its permissions apply to transferring your data only.

Will Koofr be able to access my Facebook data?

No, Koofr will not be able to access your Facebook data.

When I give Facebook permission to access my Koofr account what exactly does that mean?

It means that Facebook will be able to upload new files and create new folders in your Koofr account for your photos and videos transfer. As soon as the transfer is finished Facebook's permissions will expire.

When does Facebook's permission to access my Koofr account expire?

As soon as the transfer is finished the permissions will expire.

Where in my Koofr account can I find photos and videos transferred from Facebook?

You can find your data in the Data Transfer folder in your Koofr account.

What happens if I run out of space in my Koofr account during the transfer of my files?

As a special bonus from us, we will allow you to store up to 15 GB more Facebook photos and videos than your Koofr account quota. If you go more than 15 GB over the quota of your Koofr account, the transfer from Facebook will fail. You’ll see an error notification appear in your Facebook account.

What can I do when I run out of space in my Koofr account?

You can upgrade your Koofr account to acquire more space. Sign in to Koofr and Upgrade your account. Choose your desired plan and follow the necessary steps.

Can I transfer both of my photos and my videos at the same time?

No. You can only export one type in a single transfer. You can create multiple transfers if you want to transfer both your photos and your videos.

What happens if I transfer my photos or videos more than once?

The photos and videos that have already been transferred to Koofr will not be uploaded again. Only new photos and videos will be transferred.

Where can I find the description of my Facebook photos and videos in Koofr?

Open the Data Transfer folder in your Koofr account. Select a photo/video and click on the Info button in the Editing Menu. The Item info will open on the left side of the screen.

How can I transfer photos and videos with my mobile Facebook app?

Open the mobile Facebook app and find the Menu. Press on Settings & Privacy and open Settings. Scroll down and find Transfer a copy of your photos or videos. Press on it, type in your Facebook password and follow the steps in the how-to guide above.