Loyalty Discount

Are you already a Koofr user enjoying the benefits of our paid yearly plans? Have you purchased or extended your paid yearly account in the past? We offer a Loyalty Discount for our current and previous paying yearly users. Get from 5% all the way up to a 50% Loyalty Discount on your upcoming purchase of Koofr yearly plans in the Suitcase and Crate tiers.

About Loyalty Discount

What is Koofr Loyalty Discount?

Loyalty discount is our way of saying thanks to our loyal users. The longer you subscribe to any of our yearly plans, the more discount you earn. Discounts vary from 5% to 50%.

Who is eligible for Loyalty Discount?

All users that have paid for any of our yearly subscriptions are automatically joined into the Loyalty program.

How do I apply for the Loyalty discount?

No need to apply, you are joined into the scheme upon first purchase and will benefit from the discount automatically once you qualify.

How do I get the Loyalty Discount?

You will receive your first Loyalty discount once your first paid subscription is upgraded or extended for the second year. And then a larger discount each consecutive year all the way up to 50%.

What amount of Loyalty Discount am I entitled to?

You discount is dependent on the active paid years and progresses as follows:
After 1 year: 5%
After 2 years: 10%
After 3 years: 20%
After 4 years: 30%
After 5 years: 50%

Which plans qualify for earning the discount?

Any paid yearly plan counts, no matter the size, from the S to the 20XXL.

Which plans qualify for redeeming the discount?

The discount will be applied automatically when purchasing plans in the Suitcase (L, XL and XXL plans) and Crate (XXXL, 5XXL, 10XXL and 20XXL plans) tiers. The discount will not be applied when purchasing plans in the Briefcase tier (S and M plans).

I have been a paying customer for few years already, do I start at the 5% discount with next purchase?

No, we will count all your previous purchases towards the new discount scheme immediately, so your next purchase will come with the appropriate discount.

I purchased more than one yearly plan in one year. Will the purchases add up, leading to a higher discount?

No. All purchases made inside a year will get the same discount.

Do I have to continually use the same paid yearly plan to get a higher Loyalty Discount?

No. Use of any paid yearly plan will count towards the higher discount, even the use of S or M plans.

The app still shows the regular plan price, even though I'm entitled to a discount. Why?

The discount will be calculated automatically at the checkout. Before that, you'll still see the regular price in the app.

How do I know what discount I am entitled to?

You can check your Account page inside the Koofr web application to see your current discount rate.

Can I merge the Loyalty discount with some other promotional offer (Black Friday, special promotions, coupon codes etc)?

No, Loyalty discount cannot be used when any other discount or promotion is already applied.

Do Gift card purchases count towards the discount?

No, Gift card purchases are not counted towards the Loyalty discount.