Black Friday Deals 2023

Our exclusive, limited-time Black Friday offer is here! Get 40% off on Koofr cloud storage for our yearly plans L (100 GB) or XXL (1 TB).
Purchase a discounted gift card or use the BF2023 discount code for an exclusive 40% off. The discount code is available only for your first Koofr purchase.

100GB (L)
€24 / year
€120 / year
Koofr's Black Friday Deal is valid from November 22 until November 30 2023 (22.11. - 30.11.2023 at 23:59). End price may vary based on your country due to EU VAT law.

How does it work?

I don't have a paid plan yet.

If you're on a free plan and haven't upgraded to a paid tier before, or if you don't have an account yet, you can use our Black Friday code BF2023 to get a 40% discount on the purchase of our L (100 GB) and XXL (1 TB) yearly plans.

I've been using Koofr's free Starter option and haven't upgraded to a paid plan before. Should I buy a discounted gift card or redeem a Black Friday code?

The L and XXL plans can be purchased at a reduced price either by buying a discounted gift card or by redeeming a Black Friday code. The only difference is that if you redeem the discount code, you will be entitled to our Loyalty Discount. However, you can only redeem your Black Friday code if you have never purchased any of our yearly plans.

How do I redeem a Koofr discount code?

Open the Koofr web app and log in to your Koofr account. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner to open the Account menu, and choose Upgrade Account. Click the Show more plans button and choose the L (100 GB) or XXL (1 TB) plan. Next, enter your billing information and click Next. You will find a Discount Code text field where you can apply your code (BF2023). Click on Apply. Finally, click on Next and follow the steps.

I've been using Koofr as a paid user. Can I use the BF2023 discount code?

The BF2023 discount code is only available to user accounts on free plans that have not upgraded to a paid tier before. Users with paid Koofr accounts can buy our discounted gift cards.

How do I buy a Koofr gift card?

Koofr gift cards can be bought in the Koofr web app. When you are logged in to your account, open the Account menu and go to Upgrade account > Gift cards or click here. Choose the discounted gift card you'd like to purchase and follow the instructions. By purchasing a gift card, you will receive a gift code that you can send to a friend or redeem yourself.

How do I activate a Koofr gift card?

Koofr gift cards can be redeemed in the Koofr web app. When you are logged in to the account you'd like to apply the gift card to, open the account menu and go to Upgrade account > Gift cards or click here. Enter the gift card code into the appropriate field to redeem it.

Who can redeem a purchased gift card?

Koofr gift cards can be redeemed on any Koofr account, including the one you used to purchase them.

I already have an account with plan L/XXL and I want to purchase a gift card for the same plan.

In this case, the gift card will extend your plan for one extra year. If your current plan expires in February 2024, adding a gift card for the same plan will extend it until February 2025.

I have a paid plan that I would like to upgrade using a gift card.

If you already have a paid plan of a lower tier (for example, you are on plan M and would like to purchase a gift card for L), you can upgrade to a higher-tier plan by purchasing and redeeming a corresponding gift card. The remaining unused value of the previous plan will be proportionally converted into additional duration of the new plan.
Example: A user activated paid plan M (worth €12) on June 1 (1.6.) and redeems a gift card for plan L on December 1 (1. 12.), which means that a full 6 months, or 50%, of the original plan remains unused. This means that a remainder of €6 is transferred to the new plan, which is extended in proportion to the transferred value. In this case, €6 represents 25% of the full price of plan L (worth €24), so 3 months are added to the duration of the new plan.

I have a paid plan and I would like to add a lower-tier gift card to it.

Adding lower-tier gift cards to existing higher-tier plans is not possible (for example, adding a gift card for L if you are already on plan XL).

I would like to add more than one gift card.

Gift cards of the same type can be stacked in terms of duration, not storage space. For example, redeeming two XXL gift cards will activate the XXL plan for a duration of two years.

Can a Koofr gift card expire?

No, there is no expiration date on our gift cards! Once purchased, the gift card is valid until you redeem it.

How many gift cards can I purchase?

There is no limit! You may purchase as many gift cards as you'd like.

Do Gift card purchases count towards the Loyalty Discount?

No, Gift card purchases are not counted towards the Loyalty discount.

I'm a first-time Koofr purchaser who used the BF2023 code to buy an L/XXL yearly plan. Am I eligible for a Loyalty Discount?

If you used our Black Friday code to purchase one of the selected plans and this was your first purchase with Koofr, you are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty program.