Koofr Features / Nov 23 2017

5 annoying work situations Koofr can help you deal with

We're not going to try and guess what your biggest problem at work is, since we're not kidding ourselves thinking, that we can solve it just like that. But certain work-related annoyances can be avoided with a bit of help from Koofr.

1. "This file is huge, I can't send it as an attachment."

Koofr offers fast and reliable sharing of big files. No brainer, we know. We also know that perhaps you've grown accustomed to using certain other online services for this. Well, Koofr has some advantages we're not too humble to mention – the feature called Quick sharing makes sharing superfast, the link to the shared file doesn't expire (unless you want it to) and you can set a password to further protect the files you're sharing. We also don't limit the size of a file you upload, as long as it fits your plan. And lastly, you can use the Receive files feature if you need someone else to send you the files. Easy!

2. "Tom has this file on his laptop, but Tom is also in Bali right now."


This solution is helpful for teams who work on the same projects. In many companies, there are numerous files that members of the team need to access at different times. It's undoubtedly a hassle always having to contact your co-workers for files you need. Especially if that co-worker is currently enjoying a cocktail on the beach and isn't reading your desperate emails.

You can use Koofr as an alternative shared server and always have access to company files. And in case someone uploads a new version of a document by accident and overrides the correct one – the last (unchanged) version is completely retrievable in Koofr as well.

3. "The battery on my laptop is empty. Let me send you this file when I get back to the office."


No need to keep people waiting. Since Koofr is available on mobile as well, you can quickly share your files right from your smartphone.

4. "I sent you the agenda for our weekly briefing in an email, didn't you get it?"


Well, I probably got it. But it must have gotten lost in the flood of emails I get every day. Ugh! Wouldn't it be easier to just have a nice shared folder with updated contents for regular meetings? That's easy with Koofr. Just create and share a folder with people who need it and then just upload the most recent schedule, file or whatever document you regularly update. Once people learn it's there, there will be no searching through emails and no need to send them at all.

5. "Are we breaking the law when we store certain data?"

To be honest, this one hardly falls into the category of annoyances. Laws regarding personal data are no laughing matter. Personal data you might be storing could be clients' addresses or information about your employees. If those people are from Europe, the legislation requires storing their data on European servers – and Koofr online storage runs exclusively on those. It's also important to note that there might be other, local requirements for personal data storage - make sure to follow those too!

6. "Someone spilt coffee all over my laptop (no, it wasn't me)!"


Even if we take clumsy co-workers (and ourselves) out of the equation, devices still break down. It's just a fact of life. Relying solely on external hard drives is also not the best idea (see here). Don't lose years of hard work – back it up in cloud storage.

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