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Do you believe these myths about cloud storage?

Let's see what the most common myths are and debunk them!

Are you still reconsidering getting your cloud storage account? Or perhaps you already have one (usually a free one), and you're not using it because you're not sure about the advantages?

Myth number one: It’s not secure and private. Someone will get access to my files!


The storage industry is one of the most security oriented. The majority of companies are using high-end security services and tools to prevent any mishaps and keep your file safe. Since this is the cornerstone of the cloud storage business, it’s one of the most important things, and you can rest assured that your data is very safe.

Same goes for Koofr cloud storage, of course. Read how we keep your files safe. The only thing you need to keep in mind is security on your side – good passwords are one place to start.

Myth: number two: Bigger is better.

When it comes to the question of the size of cloud storage, many providers will shove massive quantities of storage space in your face, while also charging accordingly. And while we’re not talking about huge numbers, the question still stands: why would you pay for 1TB of space, if you’ll only ever use 150GB? Start small – you can always upgrade! Koofr cloud storage, offers many flexible paying plans – you can start off with up to 10GB of space and upgrade as you go along. That way you’ll only ever be paying for space you’re using.

If you’re wondering how much space you need to get, see this handy guide and if you’re wondering about Koofr pricing, look no further than here.

Myth number three: It’s expensive!

Cloud storage is much less expensive in the long run than hardware solutions, such as external hard drives. Those tend to break down inevitably, so you need to replace them. Also; can you put a price on lost files?

We already explained the pricing options in the point above, but let’s sum it up: you can start with a completely FREE Koofr account with up to 10GB of space and upgrade to something bigger once you need it.

Myth number four: But I already use an external hard drive to back up my files.


External hard drives have many advantages, we agree. But they also come with some downsides, especially the fact that they can be destroyed in flood, fire or be stolen. They break down – without warning! You have limited space – so there’s no way to upgrade besides buying another hard drive.

Read more about the comparison between hard drives and cloud storage.

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