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How safe are my files on Koofr?

We worry about your files so you don't have to. Learn more about how we ensure the safety and privacy of your files in Koofr in this blog post.

2023 update: Koofr now also supports client-side encryption with Koofr Vault. Read more in our changelog or get started in just a few clicks using our beginner's guide to Koofr Vault.

Here at Koofr, we put special care into keeping our and your files safe. We do this by employing several different technologies.

First, every transfer is secured using something called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, which is applied from the very moment files begin to transfer from your device. In plain English, this means no one can see the content of your files while they are being transferred to our servers (like a snooping tech guy operating a public Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop).

Once files end up on our servers, we encrypt them again using something called server-side encryption. This ensures a good balance between keeping files secure and being able to consume them in all modern ways (like playing videos inside the browser, editing Office documents or scrolling through thumbnails on the phone). But remember, only you have access to your files unless you share them with others via public links or inside Koofr.

Since every disk can fail, our automated system ensures each file ends up in at least three physically separate locations. We make sure that metadata and the actual content are kept on separate layers, even on completely separate servers. All our servers are located in highly secured data centers inside the European Union (which is important to us, because we can guarantee compliance with EU privacy legislation). Automation combined with skilled technicians is constantly making sure the system is operating at its best.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Once your files are deleted from the Trash, they are actually deleted. We don't keep separate copies that you don't see.

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