How to backup your Ubuntu computer

Making a backup of your Linux PC has never been easier.

Given a good response from the previous post on how to back up Windows computer we are publishing instructions on how to back up your computer running Ubuntu or pretty much any other GNU/Linux distribution.

First, we will need to have a program called deja-dup installed on our computer. In Ubuntu, it comes by default, so you can probably skip this step.

sudo apt-get install deja-dup

Search for a program called Backup (or deja-dup) in your menu. When you run it you will see this window.


Go to the second step, where you choose which folders to backup. Your Home directory is probably a good point to start.


In the third step you choose which folders to exclude from backups, e.g. ~/Downloads and Trash are examples of folders you probably do not need to backup.


The fourth step is where the fun begins. Here you will have to choose WebDAV as the storage location. The server to use is app.koofr.net and make sure you check Use secure connection (HTTPS). Set the port to 443. The folder parameter is the tricky part. It is actually composed of 3 different things. As you can see on the picture, we put /dav/Koofr/My Linux Backup there. The first part is /dav, which is the path to the Koofr WebDAV endpoint. You must always use that as the first part of your Folder path. The second part is /Koofr. This is the name of the Place in Koofr. You can see this on the screenshot below, the name of the place is the gray item in the left menu. Unless you renamed it to a different name, it should default to Koofr. The third part is /My Linux Backup, this is the path to the backup folder in your Koofr place. Make sure you create the folder first, as deja-dup will not create it for you.



The last thing to do is setup a schedule for your backups and enable backup (set switch in top right corner to *ON).


When you start the backup for the first time, you will be prompted for the password. Enter your Koofr password.


Then you will be asked if you want to encrypt the backup. If you choose to do so, all data will be encrypted before being uploaded. This is advisable, but have in mind that if you forget your encryption password, you will not be able to restore the backup later.


Now we are done, and you should see the backup progress dialog. The first backup might take a bit longer, as it is a full backup. Next time you do the backup, only files that have changed will be backed up, so it will take less time.


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