Koofr Features / Oct 13 2015

Introducing share links with time expiration

Koofr links for public sharing of content can now be configured with a predefined expiration date.

Sometimes we create links to files or folders, which we later tend to forget about. Just like entropy, the volume of these links only grows, and soon we have a ton of files shared all over the internet, that we are completely oblivious about. Our latest feature gives you new options for keeping your files under control.

Koofr already gave users a simple overview dashboard, which displays all active links. You can find them in the Account Settings Menu under Links, where you can see both - the Download links and the Upload links.


But now we've gone a step further. Users can now create links with time expiration set upfront. This means that you no longer have to worry about removing such a link after a while because it will be automatically removed on the set date.

Because not every situation is the same, you can select one of the quick options (one hour, one day or one week or never) or you can set a completely custom date and time.


We've already received a lot of feedback with interesting use cases from our users, but the one we find especially innovative is using a password protected, time-limited link for receiving files (yes, you can have those as well). Imagine a project/assignment with a strict submission deadline. Why bother with having submissions handed to you over email and arguments about whether it was delivered on time. Create a self-expiring link for file uploads and relax.

Note: Setting the expiration date is currently only available in the web application.

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