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Export your Genius Scan documents to Koofr via WebDAV

Genius Scan is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to quickly scan your documents on the go, helping you go paperless. It supports remote and fieldwork, it lets you simply create expense reports and quickly share your brainstorming sessions. Connect the Genius Scan app to Koofr with WebDAV and export your scanned documents to Koofr.

Genius Scan is a mobile app available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It allows you to quickly scan your documents on the go. It is a powerful tool that helps you organize, share, or archive your documents. In its pro version, Genius Scan+, it also allows you to export your documents to Koofr via the WebDAV protocol.


How to connect Genius Scan+ and Koofr?

(1) Set up the Genius Scan+ app on your Android or iOS device.

Note: These instructions were prepared in the Genius Scan+ app on Android. The instructions for the iOS app should be similar.

(2) Open the Genius Scan+ and open the app Menu. Click on Export.

Screenshot_20201208-111039_Genius Scan_1_re.jpg

(3) Select WebDAV from the list of the export options.

Screenshot_20201208-111847_Genius Scan_2_re.jpg

(4) Input the Koofr WebDAV settings, as you see them in the picture below. Find more help here.

Screenshot_20201208-121226_Genius Scan_3a.jpg

(5) Move into your Koofr account and create an application-specific password to use with the Genius Scan+ app. Find out how to do that here or watch our video tutorial.


(6) Type-in the newly-generated password into the Password field of the Genius Scan+ WebDAV settings.

Screenshot_20201208-121226_Genius Scan_3b.jpg

Press the Test connection button.

Note: If you have trouble establishing your WebDAV connection with the details provided here, please contact our support through our Help and support center and we will do our best to help you.

(7) Once your WebDAV connection is established, you'll be able to see this under the Export options.

Screenshot_20201208-132916_Genius Scan_4.jpg

(8) Open your scanned document and press the Share icon in the top-right of the screen.

Screenshot_20201208-133120_Genius Scan_5.jpg

(9) The Export document options will open. Find WebDAV on the list and press on it.

Koofr geniusscan_export.png

(10) By default the root folder in your Koofr account will be selected, but you can select any folder from the list of folders to save your document to. Select the wanted folder and press on the checkmark in the lower right corner.

Screenshot_20201208-133152_Genius Scan_8.jpg

Note: We selected the root Koofr folder.

(11) Your document will be exported to Koofr. Screenshot_20201208-133200_Genius Scan_9.jpg

(12) Find your document in the Koofr folder you selected.


Happy scanning!

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