How do I connect a service to Koofr through WebDAV?

There are a few services that work with Koofr through WebDAV - Zotero, Duplicati for Windows, Duplicati for Linux, Duplicati for macOS, QNAP and Synology backups, and others.

You'll need to generate an application-specific password in your Koofr account to set up each of these connections. Watch our video tutorial on how to generate application-specific passwords on Koofr for detailed instructions.

Note: You will not be able to set up a WebDAV connection, without using an application-specific password.

The WebDAV connection settings:


Port: 443

User: the email address that you used when creating a Koofr account

Password: the application password that you generated above

Note: If there is a Root or Path field available in the WebDAV settings of the service you are trying to connect, you must input into the Host field and /dav/Koofr into the Root field.

Note: If you want to create a subfolder, include it into the Root field /dav/Koofr/pathtosubfolder.

Note: Letters in the Host name are case sensitive.

Note: If you have trouble establishing your WebDAV connection with the details provided here, please contact our support through our Help and support center and we will do our best to help you.