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  1. How to connect Koofr and X-plore file manager on Android and Huawei

    X-plore file manager is a powerful free file manager for Android and Huawei devices. Add a connection to Koofr via WebDAV protocol and view your Koofr files with it.

  2. Recent improvements in the Koofr mobile apps

    Haven't heard about recent Koofr mobile app updates? Here's a review of what we fixed, added, and improved. Enjoy the new features and enhanced user experience!

  3. Best cloud storage app for Huawei devices

    On the newly-released Huawei phones, Huawei AppGallery replaced Google Play store. If you just bought a new phone you might be asking yourself which cloud storage service is the best and easiest to use on your Huawei. Read on and find out about Koofr, the coolest cloud storage app for Huawei devices.