How can I use the Rename multiple feature?

If you want to use the Rename multiple feature, you click on the files/folders you want to rename to select them. When a check mark appears in the upper left corner of the file/folder the file/folder is selected. The Rename multiple option will appear in the Editing menu. This is an advance renaming option which enables you to rename multiple files/folders at the same time, Find and replace a text in the name of the file/folder, Add text before or after the file/folder name, various options of Change case (ex. from lower to uppercase) and the New name with counter option (ex. from New Folder to New Folder 1). Choose the preferred settings and click Rename.

Note: This option is only available in the paid Koofr accounts. You can read about upgrading your account in Upgrade Koofr account and more about the benefits of having a paid Koofr account in What benefits do paid accounts bring besides extra storage space?.