What benefits do paid accounts bring besides extra storage space?

• Aside from sharing files/folders with other Koofr users, regardless of where the file/folder is stored, paid accounts give you the option to create and share links on Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/Amazon Drive

• While free accounts have a 1 GB per day transfer limit to external cloud accounts, there are no limits in paid accounts

• Koofr paid accounts give you access to Koofr Experiences (This includes the Koofr Duplicate Finder, a tool to help you find and remove duplicate files inside your Koofr account with ease.)

• You can use the option to connect your Local Folders in the Koofr Desktop Application

• You can use the advanced renaming possibilities of the Rename multiple option

• You can customize the appearance of your download and upload links by uploading your own logo with Branding

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