What are Local Folders and how to I connect them?

With Koofr you can effortlessly access files and folders on your remote computer with our Local Folders option. Additionally, you can also share and organize data you choose to remotely access.

To start remote access of files and folders:

• Locate the Koofr client icon on your desktop and double-click on it

• Click on Local Folders

• Click on Connect a local Folder

• When you connect a local folder, you will be able to access this folder from any device. No files will be transferred to Koofr. But when this computer is offline your local folder will not be available.

• Choose the existing folder you want to connect or create a new one and click Next

• Enter a name under which the folder will appear in your Koofr account and click Next

• Click Finish to confirm your action

You are now finished connecting a Local folder. You can access this folder from any device with an Internet connection as long as the computer where the local folder is located is online. You can find the remote connection you created in the Koofr Main menu, under a name you selected in the process of creating the local folder.

Note: All changes you make on your chosen local folder, are made directly on your computer. Be careful when deleting files and doing other changes.

Note: The Local Folders option is only available in the paid Koofr accounts. You can read about upgrading your account in Upgrade Koofr account and more about the benefits of having a paid Koofr account in What benefits do paid accounts bring besides extra storage space?.