How to start synchronizing data with Koofr?

The first synchronization has already been created for you as soon as you set up the Koofr desktop client. You will find a folder named Koofr on your desktop. Whatever you put into this folder will automatically be backed up to Koofr to a folder named My desktop sync. Your files will always be accessible through web and mobile applications. Read more about creating new syncs to Koofr, watch our How to use synchronization in Koofr or read about how to set up synchronization in Koofr.

Note for Windows users: If you are a Windows user and you get an Invalid filename syncing error you should rename the files you are trying to sync so they do not include characters that are incompatible with the Windows file system (< - less then, > - greater then, : - colon, " - double quote, | - vertical bar or pipe, ? - question mark, * - asterisk, . - period or a space at the end of a file/folder name).