Quickly save anything from the web

Did you know that you can save pictures, text, files and more to Koofr with one simple click? Learn more about our cool Chrome plugin.

Sometimes, while browsing the web, we want to save nice photos or interesting text for later viewing. Sure, there's plenty of ways to do it, but Koofr offers a simple solution for everyone using the Chrome Browser through our easy to use Chrome Extension.

Why do it with Koofr? Because then all these files are accessible from anywhere through the Koofr applications. So lets have a quick look at how it works.


Lets take a closer look at what each option means:

(1) Picture or video


This one is pretty obvious, the selected picture or video will be saved to Koofr in the background.

(2) Text selection

Selecting a part of text from a webpage and choosing Save to Koofr will create a new text file which will be named after the webpage title and will contain both the original page URL and the selected text. This is especially useful when doing research for a thesis or some other paper, where you have to collect information from various articles and sources.

(3) Link to file

Whenever you choose Save to Koofr on a web link which points to a file (like an office document or a PDF for example), the target file will be saved to your Koofr account.

But wait, where do all these saved files go?

Everything saved through our Chrome extension will end up in a automatically created folder named Save to Koofr which you will find on your Koofr place.


That's it. Simple right? Happy saving.

Oh, and if you don't have an account yet, you can create one by simply clicking one of these buttons (or via our website):



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