Why can’t I create links on Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive?

This functionality is only possible for our paid users. Please upgrade your Koofr account to unlock this option. You can read more about it in Upgrade Koofr account chapter and more about the benefits of having a paid Koofr account in What benefits do paid accounts bring besides extra storage space?

Owners of free Koofr accounts can still use all the sharing functionality for all files residing on Koofr or your computers. You can also share any file with other Koofr users, regardless of where it is stored. Read more about Public links policy update.

For sharing from connected cloud storage accounts you can use sharing with Add People option where you can share files with anyone. Non-members will be automatically invited to join Koofr. Read more about it in How can I share a file? and How can I share a folder? under option Add people.