How can I share a file?

In the List view hover over the file you want to share and click on the Share button that appears on the right. If you are viewing a file in Tile view you can share it by clicking on the share icon that appears in the top right corner of the file. You have two options for sharing files:

  1. Add people: A new window will pop-up, where you type in the Email of the member you want to share your file with and click Add. You can remove a member by clicking the [-] button next to each member. You can share files with anyone. Non-members will be automatically invited to join Koofr.

  2. Send link: A new window will pop-up where you can copy and share the link to the file. When you click on the link, it will already be copied to clipboard. In the same window, you can view the link, set the password protection to the link, set custom password or generate a new one, see or change the expiration time of the link, edit short URL, add a custom message to your sharing link, scan or download a QR code, hide download button and see how many times your link was opened. You can also remove link.

With this option, you can also share the files with people who don’t have registered Koofr accounts.

Note: This is read-only access; others cannot upload files through these links.

Note: The options to create links to external clouds, editing the URL, set custom password and adding a custom message are only available in the paid Koofr accounts. Read more about it in Why can't I create share links on Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/Amazon Drive?. You can read about upgrading your account in Upgrade Koofr account and more about the benefits of having a paid Koofr account in What benefits do paid accounts bring besides extra storage space?.

Note: Files can be shared publicly with or without the password protection. The only exception are potentially malicious files (executables, packages etc.), which cannot be shared without a password, due to the antivirus and browser requirements.

Note: Regardless of the previous note, users with free accounts cannot publicly share executables and other commonly malicious files.