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hubiC is discontinuing service, what now?

What is the alternative to hubiC cloud storage? Continue reading – we believe we've got the answer!

The French cloud storage provider hubiC, owned by OVH, announced recently that they are closing shop. They will no longer be accepting new users, and the remaining users (while not being kicked out right away) won't be enjoying any updates to the service. For all users or those who were looking into their service – now is the time to find an alternative for hubiC cloud storage!

So why do we believe that Koofr cloud storage is a good alternative for hubiC? Here are the reasons!

1. Your files will be secure.


We put special care into keeping our and your files safe and secure in the cloud. We do this by employing several different technologies such as SSL/TLS encryption and server-side encryption. That means that nobody can peek into your files during transferring or after.

And since every disk can fail, our automated system ensures each file ends up in at least three physically separate locations. All our servers are located in highly secured datacenters inside the European Union (which is important to us, because we can guarantee compliance with EU privacy legislation).

And one more thing. Once your files are deleted from the Trash (that is after 7 days), they are actually deleted. We don't keep separate copies that you don't see. More details about security on Koofr cloud storage.

We also offer multiple security settings such as 2-factor authentication, password-protected links for sharing files, and a password generator for applications. We cover all of these in detail right here.

2. Your privacy is our mission!


We are determined to hold as little of your personal data as possible while being able to provide our cloud storage service. That means that we don't use any third party tracking tools like Google Analytics on our websites or in our services nor do we put any Cookies in your browser, with the exception of the one that keeps you logged into our application.

Read more in our Privacy terms.

3. You'll love our features. :)

koofr_alternative_for_hubic (3).png

We could write an essay on the topic of our features and what we are planning on adding, but let's keep it short and sweet here with a comprehensive list.

Did we manage to convince you that we are the right alternative for hubiC cloud storage? Perhaps you have more questions?

» Well, how about the cost?«

Were you attracted to the service because of the 25GB of free storage space? Well, our free plan is up to 10 GB, but our other plans are very affordable. The 25GB plan will set you back 1 € per month, which is less than the cost of a single cup of coffee per month almost anywhere in the world. We're sure it won't break the bank. ;)

koofr_alternative_for_hubic (1).png

So why don't we offer 25GB for free? Simple, because we invest into developing new features, making our cloud storage service even better – we hope the list above is proof enough, but to make absolutely sure, we invite you to try it our for FREE by creating a Koofr account.

Want to talk to us? Join us on the Koofr subreddit!

(Updated May 2019 - Firefox Save to Koofr Add-on added)

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