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Protect and backup your photos and videos with Koofr cloud storage

Koofr cloud storage is a reliable, accessible and cost-effective storage solution for your photos and videos. Make it a part of your backup strategy and never worry about the safety of your precious memories again.

Do you have tons of photos and videos on your phone or a whole array of albums on your computer's desktop? If your answer is a definite yes and you do not have a backup of your photos and videos anywhere else, it is time to start thinking about your backup strategy.

There are a lot of unexpected situations where having a photo and video backup is a must. Your device can fall into a body of water, you can get robbed or lose it. Additionally, you can be a victim of a malware attack, your device can get broken, or you accidentally delete one or more of your files. It would be really unfortunate to lose your photos and videos for being careless. It is important for your data protection to have a secure and reliable copy of your files in place in case something unforeseen happens.

1. The importance of having a backup strategy

As mentioned in our previous blog post, a backup is a copy of your data. It is taken and stored in a safe location from where it can be restored in the event of data loss. And while there are a few different backup options, we strongly suggest using cloud storage as part of your media backup strategy.

Cloud storage is meant for storing, sharing, and synchronising files from different devices in the cloud, making it a simple, efficient, and logical solution for your photo and video safekeeping.

However, creating a photo and video backup to the cloud is not enough. You should follow the 3-2-1 backup rule and back up your data in three different places – two different types of storage and a copy kept away from your location. This way, a single unfortunate event won't destroy all copies of your photos and videos, and you can be sure you made everything you could for your data protection.

It is smart to make cloud storage part of your 3-2-1 backup strategy. It is easily accessible and available anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, it offers high levels of data protection.

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2. How cloud storage works and what its benefits are?

What does it mean when you say that you put your photos and videos into the cloud? When you store your data in the cloud storage, you are saving it to a remote database with the help of your internet connection and many security protocols (encryption at rest and encryption in transit, multi-factor authentication, security updates, etc.) that ensure safety and long-term availability of each file. Your cloud storage provider maintains the remote database, so you can be carefree as long as you select a reliable provider.

We already established how important photo and video backups are. But why is using cloud storage for backup better than other solutions?

It is easily accessible.

You are sitting on a beach somewhere, and as long as your mobile data connection works, you can browse through the photos in your cloud storage account. If you are working remotely, all your files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. With physical storage devices, you have limited accessibility – if you do not bring them to the beach, there will be no photo browsing for you. And let's not forget about how impractical travel with tons of devices is.

There is also a point of how durable a physical device on a beach can be or what happens to it in case of a natural disaster. Physical storage devices require maintenance. With cloud storage, a team of people takes care of this problem for you.

It is secure and cost-effective.

As previously mentioned, cloud storage providers implement security measures to keep your data safe. It is a cost-effective solution. With cloud storage, there is no need for hardware and no cost of maintaining it. You can easily upgrade your space with a few simple clicks when you need more of it .

It allows for collaboration.

Cloud storage solutions support collaboration. A team of people can easily access the same files simultaneously and work on them in real time, regardless of their location

3. Best practices that ensure data protection

Cloud storage is a reliable photo and video backup option. But, there is also a lot its users can do for their data protection themselves. First and most important is to choose a reliable provider with an intact reputation and a track record of reliability. Check out the privacy policy of your cloud storage provider so you know how your data is handled and secured.

When you have that in the bag, be sure to enable two-factor authentication on your cloud storage account for an additional layer of security. Stay on point of your privacy settings and permissions, as well as new security features offered by your cloud storage provider. Encrypt your files before uploading them to the cloud, or find a solution that does it for you.

Regularly back up your photos and videos from your devices to ensure that you have your most recent media files in the cloud in case anything happens. Use versioning, if available. It allows you to access previous versions of a file, and it is useful in case you make unwanted changes. Do not forget to upgrade your plan if necessary so there is enough space for backups of your photos and videos. Monitor your account for unusual activity and unauthorized access to your files and set strong passwords.

Always check how you can retrieve your files from the cloud in case that becomes necessary. Finally, have multiple backups in different locations, including both cloud storage and physical backups, for an extra layer of protection. By following these practices, you can ensure that your photos and videos are well-protected and always easily accessible.

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4. Koofr cloud storage – a reliable solution for peace of mind

Koofr cloud storage offers storage space to its users, where they can upload, store, and organize their files and documents. It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection, and it works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can also save your files for offline browsing, as long as you have an Android device.

It allows for automatic photo and video backup from your iOS or Android devices, ensuring that the latest version of your media is safely backed up to the cloud.

With its sharing options, you can share your photos and videos with your friends and family. Koofr offers collaboration features in its paid accounts - it allows team or family members to collaborate on documents in real time as well as share folders. It highlights the importance of data security. Read more about what we do at Koofr to keep your data safe and protected. The versioning option allows you to see up to five previous versions of the chosen file by right-clicking on it in case you overwrite something important. Koofr also offers an open-source, client-side encrypted solution, Koofr Vault.

Our users can rest assured that their photos and videos are safe and accessible, even if their devices are lost, stolen, or damaged.

5. How to back up photos and videos to Koofr?

To back up all your files from your computer to Koofr, you can use the Duplicati backup solution. Check out our blog posts on how to do this on Windows or macOS operating systems.

Koofr also provides the option for automatic backup of your pictures and videos from your mobile devices. Now, let's look at how to set up this feature:

Note: Running the initial upload of media files might take some time, depending on your network speed and the number of your media files. To make the initial backup run faster, we recommend you plug your phone in an outlet, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, and let it do the backup in full.

Once the backup is complete, you can access your photos and videos from any device with the Koofr app or through the Koofr website. Find your photos and videos on iOS and Android.

For additional safety of your photos and videos, you should secure your Koofr account with a strong password, turn on two-factor authentication and regularly update your Koofr mobile apps.

Koofr cloud storage offers practically effortless automatic backup for your photos and videos from your mobile devices, ensuring your precious memories are safe and secure. It makes sure you can access them from anywhere using the Koofr mobile apps or its web interface. On whichever device you are using Koofr, your memories are just a click away.

With its features, it prioritizes the security and privacy of your files. It offers different storage plans based on your needs and allows you to easily change your plan if you need more storage space for your memories. With Koofr, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your precious memories are safe, secure, and easily accessible. Sign up for a free Koofr account and safeguard your memories with Koofr.

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